Interested in doing this work but looking for a self-paced program that you can do on your own time?


This is the 10 day advanced edition of the Dating with Anxiety Program. Start here after you finish Part I. This program goes deeper into our anxiety, gives it a new job, and gives you 4 new brain rewiring techniques.

Dating With Anxiety: Part II


This is a free 3 day beginner program that will show you what your anxiety's secret purpose is and how to rewire your brain to stop compulsions around dating and relationships.

Dating With Anxiety: Part I


This program goes deep into our shame around our body image, diet culture, & negative thoughts and rewires them in 2 weeks! You deserve a life where you aren't constantly thinking negatively towards your body, this program will help get you there.

Heal Your Body Image Program


This is your chance to have Jacki, a certified dating & confidence coach in your back pocket at all times, to ask questions and get answers from an actual expert, whenever you want. She will respond with an email or a video in less than 5 business days. 

Dear Jacki

- Leigh Anne

"I actually really needed last night, I ended up crying and feeling overwhelmed but I definitely needed that exercise. It helped me a lot especially to get into my inner thoughts! Thank you so much!"

- Carol

"Thank you so much for the programing, I finally feel relief after years of catastrophizing and being a slave to my anxiety. Thank god for brain rewiring!"

- Krista

"The exercise was quite intense, but I expected that. I did start to cry during specific parts, ones I recognized my anxiety has been telling me about for a while now. I never knew I could relate to my anxiety like this before."